Extremely Weird Places to Live?

Answer As a child, you may have dreamed of how it would feel to live in a tree house or a fort that you and your friends created in the woods. Many architects and designers love a challenge: They enjoy ta... Read More »

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Why do I live in an area of extremely bad drivers?

Similar to Bazza. One pensioner here who can still wring the neck of a race prepared sports car. I think the main problem is that those who have never ridden a bike are oblivious to them. As a frie... Read More »

Would you rather live with Justin Bieber or get hit with an extremely large bag of coins?

I'd take the coins and let you hit me with them.

The Best Places to Live in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota and it adjoins the state capital, St. Paul, to make up the Twin Cities which is the social, cultural and political center of the state and one of the be... Read More »

Places Where Owls Live?

Owls are nocturnal and solitary birds of prey with hooked bills and claws, front-facing eyes and flat faces. They live almost everywhere except for Antarctica and generally make their nests in cavi... Read More »