Extremely Dry Skin on the Face?

Answer Dry skin is usually not a serious condition, but it can be uncomfortable and unattractive, especially on the face. It can dehydrate skin cells and etch lines and wrinkles on your face. In most case... Read More »

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How to Cure an Extremely Dry Face & Scalp?

Dry skin on the face and scalp is very common, particularly during the winter months. The use of natural oils is an effective and natural way to balance moisture levels and avoid flakiness. With so... Read More »

What will help extremely dry skin?

You need CREAM, not lotion. You can rub in some olive oil if you need immediate relief and don't want to go to the store or you can get Cetaphil cream (again, do not get the lotion) or Aquaphor, o... Read More »

What to do for extremely dry skin?

I have extremely dry skin on my forehead?

- Aloe vera gel is moisturizing, improving rough facial skin;- Take evening primrose oil that contains essential fatty acids.- Sandalwood and rose oils: put 2 drops over a tablespoon of wheat germ ... Read More »