Extreme soreness after pushups?

Answer Its normal if u dont usualy do push up.

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Extreme lower abdomen soreness, no exercise, not sure what it's from.?

If you aren't squirming from horrible horrible pain then you're probably okay.There are multiple things that can cause this. Just a couple: -You might just have hurt a tiny little muscle without kn... Read More »

How long does the soreness last after wisdom teeth extraction?

Extreme sensitivity after filling?

That is a deep filling, right close to the roots or nerve endings. The dentist would have told you about the sensitivity on hot or cold or both extremes you will feel. That tooth shoul... Read More »

What can I do after 5 years of extreme back pain?

I would recommend a consultation with a Pain Management doctor if you haven't already. There are some that can also offer alternative treatments like accupuncture.I am going to give you the link t... Read More »