Extreme soreness after pushups?

Answer Its normal if u dont usualy do push up.

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Extreme lower abdomen soreness, no exercise, not sure what it's from.?

If you aren't squirming from horrible horrible pain then you're probably okay.There are multiple things that can cause this. Just a couple: -You might just have hurt a tiny little muscle without kn... Read More »

How maximum front wheels of an automobile can turn from extreme left to extreme right?

Question is not clear.Please ask in details - what you want to know ? The TECHNOLOGY behind it or what ?Here is the crude formularadius=track/2+wheelbase/sin(average steer angle)This does not defin... Read More »

How to Do Better Pushups?

To get the best triceps, biceps and chest muscles you should follow my article.

How many pushups?

Well, in my opinion, push-ups isn't the best thing to do if you want to bench press a large weight. I go to a local gym and work out with certified trainers. If you want to lift your own weight, st... Read More »