Extreme Makeover Tips?

Answer It seems that everyone is getting plastic surgery, from celebrities, to the girl next door. Beauty is no longer hard to come by, but easy to buy. However, there are easy makeup tricks that can make... Read More »

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Extreme makeover!!!?

Oooh that should be fun! For her not for you lol! Welll I would get someone to side braid your hair. Make sure to use a ribbon at the end. Paint your nails the same color as your ribbon {by the way... Read More »

How did Extreme Makeover get started?

It started April 18, 2005. When Ty Pennington's mom's house burnt down, then he had a feeling he needed to help the needy It actually started before 1993. According to the executive producer who c... Read More »

How to Get a Free Extreme Makeover?

If you are in need of an Extreme Makeover for your home, the ABC television network offers free makeovers for a selected few from a qualified pool of applicants. To be considered for a free makeove... Read More »

Who is the personal trainer on Extreme Makeover?

Michael Thurmond is the Extreme Team master body sculptor and rapid weight loss expert on the television show Extreme Makeover. Thurmond created the "6 Week Body Makeover" program. Extreme Makeover... Read More »