Extracurricular Activities in College?

Answer While many high school students emphasize their extracurricular activities in order to get into college, there are also countless opportunities for extracurricular activities once you are there. In... Read More »

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Extracurricular Activities During Community College?

Grades are important, but studying isn't the only activity you'll participate in at community college. Outside your residence hall, several extracurricular activities await; whether you're interest... Read More »

Extracurricular Activities on College Applications?

The Common Application, used by more than 400 colleges and universities, combines extracurricular activities and work experience. With a number of open fields, you may be tempted to simply fill th... Read More »

Extracurricular Activities & College Grades?

If you haven't stopped to think about the relationship between college grades and extracurricular activities, then you need to. Some feel that extracurricular activities will take time away from th... Read More »

List of Extracurricular Activities That the College Provides?

When you attend college, it is tempting to focus only on your academic education and your social life. However, colleges are designed to foster an all-around experience, meaning that extracurricula... Read More »