Extracurricular Activities & Academic Progress?

Answer Extracurricular activities allow students to follow their passion beyond the classroom. Such activities include sports teams, music clubs, campus newspapers and drama clubs. Even though they occupy... Read More »

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Academic Extracurricular Activities?

Most extracurricular activities promote learning in some way. When students are engaged in an activity -- whether athletic, artistic or scholastic -- they are actively learning through participati... Read More »

Academic Performance & Extracurricular Activities?

Recent studies show that students involved in extracurricular activities increase academic performance. Participation in extracurricular activities also improves school attendance. Higher school at... Read More »

Extracurricular Activities Vs. Academic Excellence?

Extracurricular activities take place outside of school hours and include activities like sports, language clubs, or jobs. It is sometimes believed that participating in after school activities can... Read More »

Extracurricular Activities and Academic Grades?

Many parents worry that extracurricular activities will inhibit their children's performance in school. Various studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities excel ... Read More »