Extractions for Acne?

Answer Extractions can be performed on whiteheads, blackheads and pimples to get rid of lesions quickly and prevent scarring. You can have a dermatologist or esthetician extract your acne, or you can do i... Read More »

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Why cant i eat with my teeth extractions?

When you lose your baby tooth normally as a kid it generally falls out because it's died and loosened and there is a new tooth pushing it out. So little kids generally don't have the same type of o... Read More »

What does EDTA do in DNA extractions?

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, or EDTA, is a chelator, which means that it binds to chemicals. In the DNA extraction process, EDTA binds to minerals and removes them from the solution. This means... Read More »

Wisdom Extractions deaths?

Dont look at that sort of stuff! It will only freak you out. People die everyday of the most random things. I mean sure, it's possible there can be a death, but not at all likely. I just had al... Read More »

Wisdom teeth extractions?

A little info I think should be considered about this drug Versed ( Midazolam ) that is used for Sedation for many medical procedures..Sedation and General Anesthesia are not the same and quite a f... Read More »