Extra ideas for a birthday party for a 13 year old girl?

Answer Midnight feasts! Stop off for icecream and cookies!! Even bake your own all together!! Depending on how mature you are you could have a drink, it's legal, only in your house though. You can drink i... Read More »

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Birthday Party Ideas For a 12 year old girl?

Maybe you should hire a DJ and have a little dance party.

Cute Ideas for a 7-Year-Old Girl's Birthday Party?

Seven-year-old girls are often a fanciful bunch, interested in fairies, princesses and ballerinas. For your child's birthday party, plan a dream day where each guest can indulge in her fantasies of... Read More »

15 year old girl summer birthday party ideas?

The beach, maybe you could have a bonfire there and you can swim. You could try and like camp out there.Or like a picnic.Soz thatz all I can think off.:)

Do you have any birthday party ideas for a girl's 15th birthday?

If you got some money to spare, why not walk around town, give those homeless guys some food, a tshirt, a Bible, a toothbrush with toothpaste and soap, doesnt have to be something grand, just somet... Read More »