Extra Kindle fees for mexico residents?

Answer The fees are built into the prices if you are outside the US. The books will cost on average $2 more than the books in the US store cost. If you want to avoid the fees you can download via USB, but... Read More »

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Do you need extra car insurance to drive in Mexico?

You do not need extra insurance to drive in Mexico--you need a completely new policy. Mexico does not recognize American or Canadian car insurance. If involved in an accident, the consequences of n... Read More »

Does condo owner pay extra fees using common hallway as part of combined units for personal use?

Apparently, you own two adjoining units where a common hallway is available between at least two entry points in the property. To simply charge you extra fees based on your multiple-unit ownership ... Read More »

Kindle Question: How do I stop my kindle from flashing black when I turn a page?

That is just the e-ink working, drawing and undrawing itself on the screen. Its normal! It also happens when you put it in standby, where it shows famous authors and other drawings. If the scree... Read More »

I dont have the kindle, but can i buy the kindle version of books and read on my compuer?

No, the Kindle foprmat is proprietary and only works on the device.