Extinct Birds of the World?

Answer The extinct birds of the world are many, numbering over 150. Many of these species died due to natural causes such as droughts, lack of food and predators. Others died due to man-made expansion, an... Read More »

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Disney World Kennel/Boarding. (birds)?

I think the birds would be happiest with the friend. Less chaos and not the stress of travel. Easiest for all involved.

Do mother birds kill baby birds if handled by humans?

It is a myth that mother birds kill their young if humans touch them. Birds have a very poor sense of smell and cannot distinguish a human smell. Also, mother birds have a very strong protective in... Read More »

Do birds eat dead baby birds of different species?

Many species of birds--such as crows, ravens and vultures--eat carrion, or dead animals. These birds will eat any dead animal, including dead baby birds of different species, that make an easy meal... Read More »

Do birds spit I keep finding spit on my Rosemary & the only one around are the birds that roost above it?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUENoone is spitting on your rosemary. well, no person, that is. what you see are spittlebug masses.MEADOW SPITTLEBUG.Philaenus spumariusgreenish bugs found within spittle... Read More »