External har drive getting slow! Please help?

Answer if you are using external 3.5 hard drive, i think the casing which has chips is causing the problem. try using your disk as slave in your pc. using ide or sata cable. if it still slow therefore the... Read More »

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External Hard drive issues!! Please Help.?

Not to imply that you are stupid but are you certain you are not clicking on the CD/DVD drive by mistake?It could be that Windws Explorer has lost it's mind. Put a CD into the CD drive just for kic... Read More »

Question about my computer getting slow and my internet too please help?

You need to keep your computer clean. This is the first thing I would try. It is free. This will help you clean your computer and optimize it to help you run smooth and fast. Love, honeyhttp://... Read More »

Does defragging my main drive help me move files from my main to my external faster cause its slow enough?

if you've had your computer for a year or so and you've never defragged it then it'll run like a snail defragging you hard drive will speed it up and reduce some errors you may be getting

One External drive is not getting detected due to virus attack. How to use the drive?

My suggestions are:-Try plugging it to other usb ports-Try using other usb cable-Try to plug it to other computer-Try to use Y-connector usb cable (might be external drive is lack of power)Is your ... Read More »