External RAM for my Desktop?

Answer Sohail,Below are the memory specs for the Inspiron 545s system.The Inspironâ„¢ 545/545s platform uses DDR2 memory. At 800 MHz, this memory offers a significant performance increase over earlier pla... Read More »

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Using my raspberry pi as a VPN or a Remote Desktop from an external network?

Often you'll find in the Linux world that a solution posted for one specific distribution actually works in a generic sense for any/all/most distributions.Unfortunately in this situation unless Tea... Read More »

How to Connect an External Tv Tuner Card to Your Desktop?

In this article, we will learn how to connect an external Television tuner card to your desktop, such that when you power on the tuner card, you can watch TV and when you power it off, you are back... Read More »

Can I use any external hard drive for my desktop computer?

The external drive that you have chosen will work just fine. All you do is just plug in the power card, then plug in the USB cord to your computer.Good Luck

Can i use a desktop external hard drive in my laptop?

Yes. If the external HDD uses USB 2.0 or 3.0 you can always hook it up to a laptop with the same port. You can also fetch and store data like you would on a desktop. If the External HDD uses eSata,... Read More »