External Hard drive issues!! Please Help.?

Answer Not to imply that you are stupid but are you certain you are not clicking on the CD/DVD drive by mistake?It could be that Windws Explorer has lost it's mind. Put a CD into the CD drive just for kic... Read More »

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My hard drive is full. Can an external hard drive help?

Help with formatting external hard drive!!!?

You can first try Recuva but never used it for RAW you can download from or…or from other locations if you want to google it.If... Read More »

External Hard Drive Freezes Up Computer, HELP!?

First, confirm the ext. drive works on a PC. Then try it on another laptop.Make sure the laptop is plugged in - the ext drive might require to much power for the laptop battery.Did you wait for a ... Read More »

New external hard drive. How do I make the external my default hard drive?

Unfortunately Windows will always see an external drive as a removable drive and won't let you make it your default. However you can do certain things to make more room like move your internet cac... Read More »