External Hard Drives - USB 2.0 Essential?

Answer If you only have 10gb hard drive space, chances are you will only have USB 1.0/1 ports.The hard drive will still work but will be slower.USB 1 transfers data at a maximum speed of 12Mbit/sUSB 2 tra... Read More »

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Are there external ps3 hard drives?

Sony does not offer an external hard drive for the Playstation 3 as of April 2010. Users can install a standard computer hard drive through the use of the backup utility built into the Playstation ... Read More »

Can you chain external hard drives on a Mac?

You can chain an unlimited number of external hard drives on a Mac, as long as they all are Firewire drives, not USB. You can mix Firewire 400 and Firewire 800 drives on the same chain, as long as ... Read More »

Do External Hard Drives increase RAM?

NOPE. The only way to increase RAM is to BUY MORE and plug it in. There is no such thing as External RAM. Look up your system at Crucial.com…Good luck an... Read More »

Can I access external hard drives?

Yep. You need to go into files and look for the hard drive name. Technically everything that you store things on your computer externally is an external hard drive. Even flash drives. The convienen... Read More »