Extended breastfeeders...?

Answer I child that weans prematurely is more likely to suck their thumb or a pacifier. They are more likely to have a "lovey" that they take everywhere.However its pretty easy to tell because if its a T... Read More »

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Question for extended breastfeeders?

I am currently nursing my 28 month old, and I'd guess she has two good sessions a day, first thing in the morning and bedtime. In between she has several "snack" nursing sessions that last a few m... Read More »

Question for extended breastfeeders about frequency of nursing...?

At 11 months she was still nursing around 8 x a day. Now at 18 months she nurses 3-5 times a day. Morning, before nap, after nap and bed time. Sometimes she misses the nap nurse if she is out an... Read More »

For extended breastfeeders - Do you nurse your toddlers in public?

My daughter is 19 months, and I still nurse her in public. She still nurses quite often ,and if we don't nurse right before we leave home, it's almost certain she'll ask to nurse when we're out. ... Read More »

Co-sleepers and breastfeeders?

My son is 2.5 and is now only nursing once or twice a night most nights. He started that at about 2 years old.If it really bothers you there are things you can do to reduce it.http://www.kathydett... Read More »