Extemporaneous Speech Topics for Business?

Answer Extemporaneous speeches on business focus on current events topics based on reports from newspapers, magazines and broadcast media. Speakers receive a topic about 30 minutes before the speech and w... Read More »

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Speech Topics List for Extemporaneous Speaking?

Extemporaneous speeches can be frightening. Surveys spanning decades, including those by "The Book of Lists" and Texas Christian University, have concluded that the fear of public speaking surpasse... Read More »

Extemporaneous Speech Topics for Middle School?

Speaking in front of a group can terrify people of all ages, yet it's a valuable trait to acquire. The younger a person starts presenting speeches, the easier the activity becomes. Middle school st... Read More »

Good Persuasive Business Speech Topics?

Persuasive business speech topics attempt to convince an audience of a different point of view or to change the audience's behavior about a given topic. Speeches that combine visuals and multimedia... Read More »

How to Write an Extemporaneous Speech?

An extemporaneous speech is one prepared quickly, within a half hour or less. Many schools offer extemporaneous speaking competitions. When practiced, writing extemporaneous speeches can improve pu... Read More »