Exposure problems please help?

Answer The D40 light exposure system tends to overexpose, especially scenes with lots of contrast. I believe this is on purpose so faces in bright overhead sunlight will come out properly exposed. I see n... Read More »

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Jaw problems PLease help?

try to see a TMJ expert. I think, it is something about your TMJ. (temporomadibular joint).

Please help! camera problems!?

Your camera should have come with a disc you can put in the computer - it has software that you download. After that, you should be able to connect your camera and computer with the usb cableÂ... Read More »

Windows Xp Problems please help?

Reboot the system and Press F8 and hit SAFE mode only!Load in as the administrator account and do not use the same account that is having the problem.Once you're in their everything is going to loo... Read More »

Printer problems Please help!?

Since you tried two different laptops - ASSUMING the printer drivers were correctly installed on both - you have probably ruled out a computer problem. I would first try replacing the cabling betw... Read More »