Exposure problems please help?

Answer The D40 light exposure system tends to overexpose, especially scenes with lots of contrast. I believe this is on purpose so faces in bright overhead sunlight will come out properly exposed. I see n... Read More »

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Why does Toxins usually cause more severe medical problems if exposure is during the first eight weeks of pregnancy rather than during the later weeks?

Because it's in thise first weeks the main organs that will keep the body going is formed, the brain and heart etc.

What are the characteristics of over exposure and under exposure?

OVER EXPOSURE - too bright, the image would result to being whiter than normal. UNDER EXPOSURE - too dark, the image would likely to appear black

How much is too much exposure to ant spray?

You have sprayed too much when u need to sit in front of a fan to breathe

How to Use an Exposure Meter?

An exposure meter is actually a device that measures the amount of light. It is often used in photography, cinematography and the movie industry to establish the proper exposure needed for a perfec... Read More »