Exploratory laporoscopy!?

Answer Not to worry! If they end up doing the surgery, it's not very painful. I had an exploratory laparoscopy and it's just 2-4 very small incisions. They'll put air into your abdomen and insert a camera... Read More »

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Ideas for an Exploratory Essay?

An exploratory essay, as the name implies, is one in which the author starts with topic, but doesn't make a definitive argument. The writer researches the topic and explores the idea with the goal ... Read More »

Exploratory Classes in Middle Schools?

Exploratory classes in middle school curriculum are similar to electives. Exploratory classes are intended to enhance traditional curriculum in math, science, history, English and related subjects.... Read More »

How to Enhance the Benefits of Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing is nothing but any testing that helps the tester to learn while the software is being tested so as to develop and design new and better tests. It is an interactive test process ... Read More »

Types of Exploratory Data Analysis?

Exploratory data analysis applies a set of basic methods for summarizing a set of data in order to detect unexpected patterns and relationships among variables. This separates the exploratory appro... Read More »