Explanations & names of different diets?

Answer "The Vegetarian Society defines a vegetarian as: "Someone who lives on a diet of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits with, or without, the use of dairy products and eggs. A vegetaria... Read More »

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Rabbit Diets and Different Kinds of Rabbits?

Rabbits are associated with magic and tricksters, and it can sometimes be quite a trick to correctly identify the different breeds of bunnies. Some factors to consider when determining the breed of... Read More »

When it comes to twins, do you like matching names or different names?

i agree with you!i have identical twin girls and it is hard enough for people to try and tell them apart by looks but it would be even worse if they had names like Layla and Tayla or Savannah and B... Read More »

Different Centrex brand names used by different providers?

SBC, QWest, Bell South, Verizon, ConTel GTE, Centel, CommonWealth to name a few.

Names of Different Styles of Room Ceilings?

The ceiling of a room may simply be the top of a space, painted a plain white and void of detail. It may also be a decorative element in the room, influencing the style and visual appeal of the spa... Read More »