Explanation of the Great Compromise?

Answer The Great Compromise was a compromise reached by delegates of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787. This compromise between the delegates of more populous and less populous states created the two ho... Read More »

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Who made the Great Compromise?

The Great Compromise was made by the delegates of the larger, more populous states and of the smaller states at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. The compromise called for a dual-branch system... Read More »

What was the great compromise of 1787?

The great compromise of 1787 was the agreement among America's founding fathers to create a dual system of congressional representation. The compromise created a House of Representatives based on p... Read More »

Who was the author of the Great Compromise?

Roger Sherman, a delegate from Connecticut, was the author of the Great Compromise. The plan set up our current system of Congress, giving each state two senators and the number of representatives ... Read More »

Did Uncle Tom have anything to do with the Great Compromise?

The Great Compromise was an agreement reached during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that in part defined the legislative structure and representation that each state would have under the Uni... Read More »