Explanation of Periodic Law?

Answer In chemistry, periodic law states that physical and chemical properties of elements tend to reoccur as the atomic number increases. These reoccurring patterns helped Dmitry Mendeleyev create a tabl... Read More »

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Explanation of SOD?

Septo-optic dysplasia (SOD) affects early brain development in newborns. Scientists aren't exactly sure of the causes of SOD, but have identified genes that seem to be associated with the illness.

Explanation of Schedule C?

People who work as employees receive a W-2 form from their employers that documents their taxable income The Internal Revenue Service requires independent contractors and self-employed individuals ... Read More »

Explanation of Amoritization?

Amortization is the term that describes how a loan is paid off. An understanding of the amortization process will help you understand how your mortgage, car loan and any other fixed payment loan wo... Read More »

Explanation of Copyright Law?

Copyright provides protection to creators of materials in a tangible or fixed form. Any tangible form of expression may be copyrighted. This includes but is not limited, to plays, essays, original ... Read More »