Explanation of Electrical Grounding Terms?

Answer Electrical grounding is important because it provides a reference point, or a location, in an electrical circuit, which contains zero voltage. All other voltages in a system are measured against th... Read More »

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Types of Electrical Grounding Systems?

Electricity is all around us and comes in a number of forms, including static or other spontaneous charges like lightning, in addition to the obvious human-generated result. During the early develo... Read More »

Basic Electrical Terms for 5th Grade?

The fifth-grade science curriculum includes a study of electricity, which is often taught in conjunction with magnetism. Students have learned about the composition of an atom in fourth grade. This... Read More »

What does led stand for in electrical terms?

How do I Run an Electrical Feed From an Electrical Meter Into a Load Center?

Only if you are comfortable working with electricity and home remodeling should you attempt to run an electircal lead from a meter to a load center. It may require removing and replacing drywall, d... Read More »