Explanation of Electrical Grounding Terms?

Answer Electrical grounding is important because it provides a reference point, or a location, in an electrical circuit, which contains zero voltage. All other voltages in a system are measured against th... Read More »

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Types of Electrical Grounding Systems?

Electricity is all around us and comes in a number of forms, including static or other spontaneous charges like lightning, in addition to the obvious human-generated result. During the early develo... Read More »

What does led stand for in electrical terms?

Basic Electrical Terms for 5th Grade?

The fifth-grade science curriculum includes a study of electricity, which is often taught in conjunction with magnetism. Students have learned about the composition of an atom in fourth grade. This... Read More »

Why is it important to use the correct fire fighting equipment for Electrical and Non electrical fires?

Water conducts electricity and is therefore contraindicated for use on energized electrical equipment, however it is much cheaper than the chemicals that can be used on energized equipment making i... Read More »