Explanation of Air Conduction Masking?

Answer Humans hear sounds in two ways, bone conduction through the bones around the ear and air conduction of sound waves traveling through the inner ear to the bones of the middle ear. An audiometry hear... Read More »

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Parts of Conduction?

Anyone who has accidentally grabbed the handle of a metal pot that has been sitting on a hot oven burner has received a painful lesson in conduction. Conduction is the physical process by which hea... Read More »

Convection and Conduction Ovens?

Convection and conduction ovens both cook food, but use very different heating methods to achieve the same goal. Understanding the properties of convection and conduction is important when consider... Read More »

Three Types of Conduction?

Conduction is the process by which something, such as heat or an electric current, moves through one substance to another substance. One of the substances or objects remains stationary throughout t... Read More »

Heat Conduction Experiments for Kids?

Everything has the ability to be a conductor of heat, though some act as better conductors than others. Through experiments, kids can learn which materials conduct heat well, which don't, and how h... Read More »