Explain why abortion is consider as murder?

Answer I feel that abortion is considered murder. When the sperm hits the egg, a child, a baby, a human is concived. By having an abortion, you are killing that living, breathing, baby that is growing ins... Read More »

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Is Abortion Murder?

No.On one of my vocabulary cards, "abort" is defined as "to give up on an incomplete project or effort." How can you murder an incomplete human?

Is abortion murder Or is it ok?

Pro-life individuals (like Hunny Dew, Jlb, Dion J, etc., etc.) are far too emotional to think straight.. so emotional they delude themselves into thinking abortion is murder. What a joke!No, aborti... Read More »

Why is it that when u suggest abortion people call u a murder?

I simply have a big problem with anyone taking the life of another. At conception you have a distinct individual with a distinct DNA differant from both the mother and father in your womb. It is ... Read More »

Can a 16 year old girl keep her unborn child or consider adoption if her mother does not agree and wants her to have an abortion in the state of Missouri?

It's the female that carries the fetus that decides, no one else. She is the guardian of the fetus or baby when it's born. Not her parents or anyone else no matter what her age is. It's the same in... Read More »