Explain the US view of the Third World and the obstacles to US influence in the Third World?

Answer It is not our country's job to take on the world, if they are at war with us yes we should fight back. It is not our citizens job to risk their life day after day because the president desides we s... Read More »

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How did Queen Victoria influence the world?

Queen Victoria is one of England's most famous monarchs, and her reign is synonymous with 19th century society. She influenced not just her own nation, but every nation affected by the British Empi... Read More »

How did Georgia O'Keeffe influence the world of art?

Georgia Totto O'Keeffe was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin in 1887. From an early age, O'Keeffe wanted to be an artist. After studying in Chicago, New York and Virginia, she began an art career that... Read More »

Literary masterpiece that influence the people of the world?

bible is one of the literary masterpieces that influenced us

What Did Ellen degeneres Do to influence the world in apositive way?

Ellen donated so much of her time and money to charitys across the world, and also Ellen set up a 'Hurricane Katrina' relief fund that raised over 7 million dollars. **** yeah.