Explain the Motor Mounts on PT Cruisers?

Answer In every modern vehicle, the engine is attached to the chassis (the body) of the vehicle with motor mounts. If automakers were to simply tighten an engine onto the vehicle with nuts and bolts, the ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Motor Mounts on a GMC?

Motor mounts are metal mounts with rubber inserts that keep the engine in place under heavy torque. When these mounts go bad it can be loud and potentially cause damage to other components of your ... Read More »

How to Detect Bad Motor Mounts?

Motor mounts are designed to keep your car's engine in place and allow for minor movement under hard torque. A bad motor mount is not only annoying because your car now makes all kinds of clunks an... Read More »

How Do Motor Mounts Break?

Equivalent equations have the same solution but appear in different formats. There are several categories of equivalent equations. Some equations are true regardless of the choice numerical value; ... Read More »

What Are Car Motor Mounts?

Motor mounts are key parts of a car that are often taken for granted. Over time though, motor mounts can wear out, causing excessive vibration and other issues. Motor mounts should be inspected reg... Read More »