Explain the Difference Between Extension & Flexion?

Answer Extension and flexion are terms identifying the two types of motion of all voluntary muscles, such as the muscles of the arm, leg and back. They are not used in reference to involuntary muscles, su... Read More »

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Can anyone explain the difference between Kb, Mb & GB to me?

kb-kilobytes mb-megabytes gb-gigabyteskilo is smaller- approx 1000kb is 1mb1000 mb is approx 1gb

What are the causes of plantar flexion weakness?

Plantar flexion allows you to walk down stairs, land properly after a jump and press down on a gas or brake pedal when driving. If you have plantar flexion weakness, these and other normal activiti... Read More »

1.Explain the difference between the Internet and the Web?

They are not the same.The Internet is the physical network of interconnected computers, online devices and network infrastructure using the TCP over IP protocol. The Internet in a primitive form w... Read More »

Please explain the difference between LAN, WAN, and the Internet.?

The three main types of networks by geographical area are:LAN - Local Area NetworkMAN - Metropolitan Area NetworkWAN - Wide Area Network(note: there are more such as 'CAN' - Campus Area Network)- L... Read More »