Explain How Zucchini Grows?

Answer Zucchini comes in both summer and winter squash varieties. The summer squash zucchini is a bush plant, and the winter squash zucchini is a vining plant. Bush zucchini is harvested when the fruit is... Read More »

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Explain the relationship between private problems public issues and social policy and explain why policy formation was necessaryin the social policy and care provision?

A public issue for example is a child who is being abused, this a a private problem for the child and the family. It becomes a public issue when media gets a hold of it, and broadcasts it. The abus... Read More »

Is zucchini a fruit?

Zucchini is a summer squash with smooth, green skin. Shaped like a cucumber but larger in size, a zucchini is considered a vegetable. Other names for a zucchini include courgette and vegetable marr... Read More »

Is zucchini a vegetable?

A Zucchini is an immature Vegetable Marrow so is a fruit, but it is normally used as a vegetable.