Expired Milk Question?

Answer 1-2 or even 3 days past the experiation datedoesn't mean the milk is bad, so go right aheadas long you or your family keep the milk in thefridge when noone is using......

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Can you use evaporated milk that is expired?

According to Nestlé Carnation, you can use evaporated milk that has expired, but it is not recommended. The milk can go bad after the expiration date has passed and could cause illness in those wh... Read More »

Is the milk still good if it expired?

It's good as long as it looks, smells and tastes ok. I have an almost empty gallon of milk in my fridge with a Best By date of July 20th, and it's still good. I do keep my fridge pretty cold, 35-38... Read More »

I just drank expired chocolate milk..?

um yeah... I mean it is expired. My sister got sick from drinking expired milk. It wasn't so bad...but still

Can I drink expired chocolate milk?

that date probably does NOT say expired.I bet it says best if used by...And it will probably also say "will remain wholesome for up to a week after this date"Basically if milk is spoiled, it will t... Read More »