Experiments on Water Turning to Ice?

Answer You fill an ice cube tray with water, place it in the freezer, and presto, within hours the water turns to ice. You may take the freezing for granted, but there are many experiments you can do to e... Read More »

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Water Analysis Experiments?

A physical change involves changing the size, state or structure of matter. Liquid water (H2O), for example, freezes to form solid ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and boils to form gaseous steam at 21... Read More »

Pond Water Experiments?

Pond water can serve as an excellent basis for numerous science experiments. From algae to insect larvae, pond water hosts almost limitless chemical and organic matter to be taken back to a lab and... Read More »

Liquid Water Experiments?

Water is essential to everyday life, but from a child's perspective, it's fine to drink -- when there's nothing more interesting around -- and it's great to play or swim in. However, with a little ... Read More »

Vinegar & Water Experiments?

You don't need a fancy chemistry set with lots of different chemical and tools to conduct science experiments. Several fun and interesting projects require only vinegar and water in addition to a f... Read More »