Experiments on Soft Drinks and Food?

Answer You can use soft drinks and food for more than consumption; they can be materials for science experiments. By using a combination of different sodas and foods, you can create a mini geyser, rubber ... Read More »

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Experiments on How to Compare Carbonation in Soft Drinks?

Carbonation in soft drinks creates the bubbles that float to the top when the drink is opened. These bubbles are carbon dioxide gas that is suspended in the liquid and are released when the bubbles... Read More »

Science Projects & Experiments With Carbonated Soft Drinks?

Science fair projects don't have to be boring. While some students may want to produce the standard volcanoes and ant colonies, you can lead the way by showing them how to combine carbonated soft d... Read More »

Why do the same soft drinks at different restaurants and fast food chains taste different?

Fountain drink taste can be affected by many different things.Like one person mentioned, not cleaning the machine.Or not monitoring the carbonation, or fullness of the syrup feeding in to the machi... Read More »

Ready to rate more foods/drinks From a rating of 1-10 how do you grade the food/drinks from this list?

1) Celery -7. I like vegetables.2) Buffalo Wings. -8, YUMM!3) Texas Burger((Burger with Cheese & a Fried Egg.) -Well, I don't like cheese or fried eggs, so 4.4) Onion Rings. -Don't like them, 2.5) ... Read More »