Experiments and Projects on the Five Senses?

Answer We gather information about the world using our senses. The five senses are hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch. Specialized receptor cells for each of the senses relay information to our brains... Read More »

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Art Projects for the Senses?

Children learn about their environment by using the five senses--sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. As children approach an age where they can create art, using projects that involve the sense... Read More »

Art Projects for the 5 Senses?

Art serves as an ideal teaching tool for examining different subjects, because it immerses people in hands-on investigations, allowing them to understand the world around them. Sensory-based art ac... Read More »

5 Senses Art Projects for Preschool?

Preschool art projects on the five senses enable children to use their senses to create art. By focusing a child on the use of one sense, such as taste, an arts project can heighten the child's awa... Read More »

Science Air Projects & Experiments?

Air pressure is all around us yet many of us rarely consider it. Though we see, feel and literally breathe its effects, air pressure is often misunderstood. By exploring air pressure in a few simpl... Read More »