Experiments With Salt and Vinegar?

Answer Experiments with salt and vinegar are inexpensive. Using these experiments to entertain and teach children provides a visual avenue into chemistry. Experiments with salt and vinegar are simple to d... Read More »

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Vinegar & Water Experiments?

You don't need a fancy chemistry set with lots of different chemical and tools to conduct science experiments. Several fun and interesting projects require only vinegar and water in addition to a f... Read More »

Salt Crystal Experiments?

Families can experience science through salt crystal experiments. The supplies needed are minimal and available in most homes. Cleanup and disposal are easy since the items involved are nontoxic. S... Read More »

Science Experiments Containing Salt & Water?

Kids' inquisitive nature keeps them asking questions, which is a positive sign that they are thinking and learning as their brains accumulate more knowledge. Questions about salt and water are ofte... Read More »

Uses for Salt & Vinegar?

Individually, salt and vinegar are useful items in cooking and cleaning. Salt, or sodium chloride, occurs naturally in many parts of the world as a mineral. Common salt is considered by the U.S. Fo... Read More »