Expensive School Fees, Help?

Answer Contact the school directly- they may have scholarships or bursaries which is reduced fees which are linked to your parents income. They will LOVE a potential student who wants to attend that much ... Read More »

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How to Write a Request Letter for School Fees?

Sending a child to school used to be a less complex issue. If your child was in public school, his education was absolutely free. If your child was in private school, you paid tuition and made dona... Read More »

A Question About School Fees In India?

Fees structures in City like Delhi vary betwwen Rs.1000 (13 GBP) - Rs.59000 (741 GBP) monthlyMin Yearly fee would be Rs. 12000 = 151 GBPMax yearly fee would be Rs. 708000 = 8873 GBPfor 13 Years edu... Read More »

Who can help with past due condo association fees?

If you are unable to pay your assessments, you can sell other assets, obtain a loan or by some other means, come up with the money. Friends, family, a bank -- all are potential options. Your condom... Read More »

In relation to collecting condo fees what are actual attorney fees and costs?

Since every set of circumstances is different, there is no exact answer to your question. Here are some of the variables to consider: The attorney's hourly feesThe filing fees for filing the lienT... Read More »