Expensive Makeup opinion?

Answer I like both Naked palettes, but I feel like neither has enough variety. The Naked palette needs lighter shades whereas the Naked 2 needs darker shades. I slightly prefer the Naked 2, but both are g... Read More »

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In your opinion, what makes Sony the best and have the most expensive products?

For me they are not the best, it depends on the taste and needs of people.They have expensive products for sure, in mobile area they lead the camera innovations, they always have the first big reso... Read More »

What Is the Difference in Expensive Makeup & Cheap Makeup?

Price is not the only difference between expensive and cheap makeup. Consumers are faced with many options when buying makeup, but expensive makeup is not always the best option. Lifestyle and budg... Read More »

I'm a guy and I've been wearing makeup. What's your honest opinion of that?

Would you consider my makeup buys expensive?

I'm 15 and I honestly spend the same that you do every few months. Except different products of coarse! I honestly think its not TOOO much. But it may be more than the average Jane. If your content... Read More »