Expect family contribution?

Answer Yes, this EFC is very good. It means that you will likely qualify for almost he maximum pell grant for next year. Which will be around 2000 in the fall and 2000 in the spring if you attend full t... Read More »

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How to Apply for the FAFSA With No Family Contribution?

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is a form that students who plan on enrolling in college fill out to determine if they are eligible for financial aid. Even if you are ... Read More »

My Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = 667. What does that mean About how much money will i get?

The lower your EFC equals the more money you will get. NO ONE HERE can tell you what you will get (and if they do, they are pulling numbers out their butts). Only your schools financial aid office ... Read More »

An EFC (Expected Family Contribution) question.?

With an EFC of 2156 you would qualify for a Pell grant (free money) in the amount of $2,581 (half in the fall - $1290.50 and another 1290.50 in the spring) if you attend full time and meet about a ... Read More »

Will my dad getting a raise affect the family contribution of my financial aid?

For one, it would effect the school year beginning August 2009. If your dad's raise is less than $10,000 a year, then I sincerely doubt it would raise your EFC at all.