Exhaust Stud Removal?

Answer We've all heard the old saying, "Patience is a virtue." Wiser words have never been spoken when it comes to exhaust studs. Unfortunately, if you have to remove a stud, chances are it's because it h... Read More »

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How to Drill Out a Broken Exhaust Stud?

The bolts and studs used to assemble a vehicle's exhaust system and connect it to the manifold are exposed to extreme temperatures while the engine runs. Because they're on the underside of the bod... Read More »

How do I Remove a Broken Stud from an Exhaust Manifold?

If you suddenly find yourself with a piece of one of the studs you are trying to remove from an exhaust manifold, you have at least three options to try to remedy the situation.

How to Remove a Jeep 6.0 Broken Exhaust Stud?

Like most exhaust stud bolts, the stud bolts used to secure the exhaust headers on a Jeep Cherokee 6.0 engine rust. It is common to break off a stud when attempting to remove the nuts that secure t... Read More »

Stud Removal With a Welding Rod?

Dealing with a broken stud can be frustrating because you can’t get a grip on the broken piece, especially if the stud has broken off below the surface. But if you are proficient with an electric... Read More »