Exhaust Smell in a Nissan Maxima?

Answer Staying on top of oil changes and other car maintenance issues can help extend the life of your car. The exhaust on a vehicle can create odd smells. These odd smells are often signals that somethin... Read More »

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How to Inspect the Exhaust System on a Nissan Maxima?

A good exhaust system not only boosts your Nissan Maxima's performance, it also helps maintain the environment. When you develop a leak in this system, you risk contaminating the environment and al... Read More »

How to Replace the Exhaust Manifold in a Nissan Maxima?

The fifth generation (2000 to 2003) Nissan Maxima offered a smooth revving 3.0L V6 engine with 222 horsepower. Given the combination of performance, utility and luxury, the Maxima was one of Nissan... Read More »

Exhaust Manifold Removal on a Maxima?

The exhaust manifold on a Nissan Maxima is mounted on the cylinder head. This cast iron piece directs exhaust gases to the exhaust system, where it travels through a series of catalytic converters ... Read More »

How to Replace a Performance Exhaust Manifold on a Maxima?

Performance exhaust systems can allow more air flow throughout the exhaust system, increasing horsepower. Luckily, performance exhaust manifolds are bolt-on items, using the same mounting studs as ... Read More »