Exhaust Modifications to Increase Loudness?

Answer The exhaust system does more than just dispose of air flowing through the engine of a vehicle. Simple modifications to a vehicle's exhaust system can dramatically increase the horsepower of a car a... Read More »

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Tripling the power output from a speaker emitting a single frequency will result in what increase in loudness?

That entirely depends on the efficiency/sensitivity rating in DB. But not 3 times as loud. Much less and at higher volumes the increase DECREASES exponentially with the power input.

How to Increase the Sound of an Exhaust?

Many muscle car and truck owners seek to increase the sound of an exhaust pipe because a louder exhaust can give the impression of a stronger engine. There are a few steps you can take to increase ... Read More »

Does dual exhaust increase gas mileage?

Generally speaking, dual exhaust is not used to increase gas mileage. Dual exhaust is usually used to enhance car performance and for noise effect.Source:Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Mechanic

What do you look for in a sub woofer for a sound bar to know if its has better base and loudness then others?

You need a powered sub It will connect via the RC sub-out on the back of the unit. As for what has more bass not (base (this isn't baseball)), you need to Look at Frequency response. The lower the ... Read More »