Exhaust Hood Cleaning Tools?

Answer Exhaust hoods are used in both homes and restaurants. In fact, if a restaurant has an open range top that is used, state codes require that the restaurant's kitchen be equipped with an industrial e... Read More »

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How to Clean an Exhaust Hood & Duct?

For home or restaurant owners, an inadequate cleaning schedule can leave you with a layer of thick, hard, impenetrable oil along the inner surfaces of your exhaust hood and vent. For busy restauran... Read More »

Do i need a exhaust hood in my kitchen?

Definitely put in the exhaust hood! I live in a very old home and I do not have an exhaust hood and I really wish I did. I have to open doors and windows depending on what I am cooking, in order ... Read More »

Can you use an oven hood fan without an exhaust duct?

It is possible to use an oven hood fan with or without an exhaust duct. Many hoods are now manufactured for use either as a recirculating fan with a filter or for use with an exhaust duct.Source:L... Read More »

How to Pick a Hood Cleaning School?

Kitchen exhaust cleaning[1], also known as "hood cleaning", is a low cost, recession proof, required repeat service. The income producing potential for your business is significant. Your income ear... Read More »