Exercise is my enemy. How do we become friends?

Answer Kick boxing! or Camen Electras stripper work outs.. (what you learn in this workout is great for the honeymoon . . .) The fitness clubs have these workouts in a class, but the videos are more cost ... Read More »

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How to Become Friends with an Enemy?

Everyone either knew a bully or had an enemy when they were growing up. Some can tell you today that in the end, they became friends. Others can only say that the bully probably never changed. Here... Read More »

How to Feel More Like a Friend to Your Friends Than an Enemy?

This article will help you to feel less worried about not being anyone's friend

How to Deal With a Friend Who's Become an Enemy?

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If "food" is not an enemy, what is the greatest enemy Diabetics Face?

Misinformation. Food is hardly an enemy. It is as essential to a diabetic as it is to a normal person. The problem arises when people believe what they are told by doctors, nurses, and dieticians w... Read More »