Exercise Tips For Developing The Pectoralis Minor?

Answer The pectoralis minor is a thin, triangular muscle in the upper part of the chest located beneath the pectoralis major. The two make up the muscle group often referred to as the pectorals. According... Read More »

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Do you still exercise when you have a minor niggling injury?

Should never work out a injury body part. You can still exercise, just not that part of the body.

Top 10 Exercise Tips?

One of the most effective methods of achieving weight loss and better health is regular exercise. Aside from helping participants shed extra pounds, exercise also serves to release brain chemicals ... Read More »

Can't get rid of back fat! Exercise tips?

It's a slow process and it sounds like you are doing everything right, just be patient. I use a website/phone app called myfitnesspal to track my food intake and exercise. It's a really supportive ... Read More »

Exercise Tips While Menstruating?

If you are physically active, exercise doesn't have to stop during your period. In fact, exercising during your period can have benefits, such as fewer cramps and decreased irritability. ... Read More »