Excuse for not having and ID?

Answer You forgot your wallet at home, look seriously annoyed, like shoot how could I have done that, or start by being "honest" and telling the waiter before you order that you screwed up and left your w... Read More »

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What excuse can you give for not having a facebook photo?

erm...your account got hacked you had to change ur password but ur pics got deleted

Hi all , excuse me for being a bit dim but?

You send them as a text message to your email address instead of a number. Once you open the email, you right click on the image and 'save as' to whatever folder you want to save it in. I don't kno... Read More »

Do you use baby as an excuse...?

truthfully, my baby HAS stopped me from doing all that.(in most circumstances)It is so funny the difference between my daughter's behavior and my friends daughter...even though they are 9 weeks apa... Read More »

Excuse for a big scar on my arm?

Dont make escuses tell the truth. Cutting yourself is not good I have done the same thing and have been cut free for 3 months. What you can do is relize how painful it is to cut yourself and rememb... Read More »