Exchange Vs. Nonexchange Revenue?

Answer Almost all accounting is done either on a cash basis or an accrual basis. Cash basis accounting is differentiated from accrual basis accounting by the timing with which it records revenues and expe... Read More »

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Comparison of the Stock Exchange Commodity & Power Exchange?

A power exchange is similar to a stock exchange, except it's power, most often in the form of electricity, that is bought and sold by traders. Since electricity is not a commodity that could litera... Read More »

What does 401(k) exchange in and exchange out mean?

In a 401(k) plan, investors will often change mutual funds by exchanging them for another. 401(k) statements will show an investor exchanging out of a fund and into a new investment selection.Refer... Read More »

Sony's revenue is bad?

You dont understand how business numbers work. There is Gross income, net income, income before/after tax's, etc.Then the company promises the share-holders they will make a estimated amount of pro... Read More »

Depreciation of Revenue?

Revenue depreciation is a major concern for business leaders, especially when it comes to planning for long-term growth and commercial expansion. Although top management would rather depreciate -- ... Read More »