Excessive Personal Hygiene & Causes That Contribute to Skin Diseases?

Answer Skin, the largest organ in the human body, is subjected to continual assaults from noxious chemicals, irritating soaps, sun exposure, fierce wind abrasion and winter cold. There are more than 100 d... Read More »

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Role of hygiene in avoiding infectious diseases?

Political ideology (Maoism vs. National Socialism), mainly.

Personal Hygiene Tips?

Personal hygiene is important to help maintain relationships with people and to promote our own good health. Without good personal hygiene our appearance and aroma may make us less appealing to our... Read More »

Precautions of Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene is the practice of maintaining cleanliness to prevent the spread of infections, bacteria, germs and diseases. Personal hygiene precautions also help prevent personal illnesses. For... Read More »

How to Handle Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene is the practice of caring for the body through cleaning and grooming. Good personal hygiene prevents body odor and the accumulation of dirt. It also prevents the spread of harmful ... Read More »