Excessive Facial Hair Growth in Women?

Answer Seemingly excessive facial hair growth can be a very distressing aspect of everyday life for some women. Usually facial hair growth is nothing to be overly concerned with and is actually normal, bu... Read More »

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How to Slow Facial Hair Growth in Women?

Many women have unwanted facial hair growth, and there are ways to stop it both medically and at home. Some ways to temporarily rid yourself of unwanted hair are waxing, plucking and shaving. Elect... Read More »

Natural Ways to Treat Excessive Hair Growth on the Face?

Excessive facial hair is found in men and women but is more commonly found in women. Some causes of excessive hair growth are genetics, endocrine disorders and polycystic ovary syndrome. Twenty-tw... Read More »

How to Remove Facial Hair for women- Facial Hair Removal?

Women have the daunting task of removing that unwanted facial hair-There are a few easy remedies for the removal of facial hair, I will share the easiest and simplest ways. Does t... Read More »

Spearmint & Facial Hair Growth?

Excess facial and body hair in women can cause embarrassment. Depending on the cause, treatments may include topical and oral medications; mechanical or chemical removal, such as through tweezing o... Read More »