Excel imsub gives wrong answer?

Answer you can use the ROUND() functionyou dont mention what cells you are try something like this=ROUND(IMSUB(A1,B1),2)or put t all together in 1 cell=ROUND(IMSUB(MIN(B2,K2), MAX(B2,K2)),2)le... Read More »

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OMG! what is wrong with me! please answer!?

Will someone answer this something is WRONG with me!!!?

It sounds like it could be a head cold or sinus infection

Somethings wrong with this formula IN MS EXCEL =((F3+G3)/100)*100)*25% ?

You are missing a bracket.Replace the code with: =(((F3+G3)/100)*100)*25% ^ You are missing this bracket in your formula.

Is there something wrong with my breathing PLEASE ANSWER!!?

First order of business dont ever drink any carbonated drinks most likely water will be your main stay drink for the time being Secondly consult a physician with this matter dont ever ignore it pro... Read More »