Excel VBA Script help - get data specific for a certain day?

Answer Your explanation of what you want is rather vague, especially where you say "specific to the current date".If you want to understand referencing, then read the following information.There are two s... Read More »

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Can you transfer data from Outlook to Excel and have Excel lay out the data in a calendar format?

There is is no easy way to do what you are requesting.It might be easier to use MS-Access for this, since it would be much easier arranging and handling the data..

Novice Microsoft Excel User!! I need help with a specific formula!!?

It is a matter of multiplying the Amount you want 40% of times the value of .4 and then using the Percent Style icon on the Formatting toolbar to have it display as a percentage.Now the real questi... Read More »

Can anyone help me to make a pop-up in microsoft excel when one of the data is expired or ok thanks?

Data validation lets you define what type of data you want entered in a cell. For example, you can allow entry of a letter grade with only the letters A through F. You can set up data validation ... Read More »

Can you help me answer this question about counting categorical data with Excel?

Use the countif function. For example:=Countif(A:A,"B")This will tell you how many cells in column A have the value "B". You can replace "B" with the name of the campus. Repeat this command for ... Read More »