Excel UserForm TextBox Font to Change Colour, Help Needed Please?

Answer Try:Private Sub TextBox1_Change()If Me.TextBox1.Value >= 0 ThenMe.TextBox1.ForeColor = &HC000&ElseIf Me.TextBox1.Value < 0 ThenMe.TextBox1.ForeColor = &HFF&End IfEnd Sub

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Excel UserForm Command Button Code needed please?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()ActiveSheet.Range("H5").Value = _ActiveSheet.Range("P8").ValueEnd Sub

Excel help needed please!!?

You do not need macro for this job.Excel provides a build in function CONCATENATEThis is under the Function > TextThis function take argument the different cellsYou can use this to combine the text... Read More »

How to Change the Colour of Gridlines in Excel?

Did you ever try to change the color of those unlimited grey-colored gridlines in the Excel worksheet, to suit your Data Type, and end up changing the size and merging the cells. Follow the steps i... Read More »

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