Excel UserForm Command Button Code needed please?

Answer Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()ActiveSheet.Range("H5").Value = _ActiveSheet.Range("P8").ValueEnd Sub

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Excel UserForm TextBox Font to Change Colour, Help Needed Please?

Try:Private Sub TextBox1_Change()If Me.TextBox1.Value >= 0 ThenMe.TextBox1.ForeColor = &HC000&ElseIf Me.TextBox1.Value < 0 ThenMe.TextBox1.ForeColor = &HFF&End IfEnd Sub

How do I create a command button in Microsoft Excel?

Open ExcelOpen Excel. Click "All Programs," "Microsoft Office" and "Microsoft Office Excel 2007."Create the Command ButtonClick "Developer" tab. Select and click "Insert" in the Control Group and t... Read More »

Excel help needed please!!?

You do not need macro for this job.Excel provides a build in function CONCATENATEThis is under the Function > TextThis function take argument the different cellsYou can use this to combine the text... Read More »

VB Excel form has no minimize or maximize button, only has close button?

Forms in MS-Excel are not as sophisticated as they are in MS-Access, which is a much more friendly development environment.You will need to add a several lines of code to get this type of functiona... Read More »